How much it costs to build a 4K gaming PC in South Africa

PC gaming hardware is more powerful than ever, and running titles at 4K is viable with the latest high-end graphics cards.

Games are also becoming more advanced, however, demanding more powerful GPUs, better CPUs, and more storage space.

While building a 4K gaming rig might sound like a lofty – and expensive – dream, improved components and single graphics cards can handle the demands of the high resolutions.

Aiding the cause is that the demand for graphics cards from cryptocurrency miners has abated somewhat, following the slow deflation of the Bitcoin “bubble”.

This means gamers can finally get a hold of high-end cards again.

4K PC build

To see how much a 4K-ready gaming PC costs in South Africa in 2018, we put together a build on paper.

The build includes an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which can meet the demands of most 4K titles on the market.


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