MTN and Huawei launch first outdoor 5G trial in South Africa

MTN has partnered with Huawei to conduct the first 5G outdoor trial in Africa.

Using Huawei’s recently-launched commercial 5G terminal in conjunction with an existing tower, MTN reached download speeds of 530Mbps and upload speeds of 79Mbps, along with a latency of 7ms – measured in an online speed test.

The network allocated 100MHz of its high-frequency 28GHz spectrum to conduct the test and used Huawei’s 5G outdoor terminal to deliver the connection to a Huawei Wi-Fi router.

“This is the first time we are demonstrating a complete end-to-end 5G network operating in a real-world environemnt,” said MTN.

The connection was provided by a 5G radio set-up near the live demo site, and multiple devices were connected to the router and used to measure the speed delivered by the connection.

Fibre look-alike

Unlike the 5G trial conducted in partnership with Ericsson earlier this year, MTN said this was a field

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