Android P unveiled – All the details

Google has unveiled Android P at its Google I/O event in California.

Google’s Dave Burke said Android P is based on three pillars:

  • Intelligence
  • Simplicity
  • Wellbeing

The first feature under the “intelligence” section is a new battery usage technology, which was developed by Google in partnership with DeepMind.

It allows Android P to detect which apps you consistently use and allocate power usage accordingly. This results in CPU power savings, said Google.

The auto-brightness feature has also been upgraded, and sees Android P introduce “adaptive brightness”. This uses machine learning to understand how bright or dim a user likes their screen and automatically adjusts it to their personal taste – and not based only on ambient lighting conditions.

“App Actions” was another feature punted under the intelligence heading, and lets a user’s phone adapt to their app usage.

For example, if a user connects a pair of headphones to their device, recently-played

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