I watched Netflix on a R999 Nokia 1 – And it was pretty good

Movies and series are best enjoyed on a large, high-resolution TV or PC monitor.

However, certain smartphones sport HDR displays with high resolutions and brightness, making them suitable viewing devices if you can – or need to – stomach a smaller display.

After using the Samsung Galaxy S9, I’ve found watching Netflix or YouTube on a mobile device to be a lot more tolerable.

With its high-resolution AMOLED display and impressive brightness, the S9 holds up well – even in sunny, outdoor areas.

As the recently-launched R999 Nokia 1 smartphone supports the Netflix mobile app, we decided to test its ability as an affordable media-playing device for those in the market.

We installed Netflix on its Android 8.1 Go OS and fired up some series.

Nokia 1 Netflix 1

Display and resolution

The most important factor affecting image quality is the resolution of a display, and the Nokia’s 4.5-inch screen falls behind flagship displays in

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