Why Android Go is a game-changer for cheap smartphones

Google recently launched its Android 8.1 Go operating system, designed specifically for smartphones with low-end specifications.

The streamlined OS retains the interface and core features of Android 8.1, but reduces it install size for devices with small storage capacities.

Google said Android Go also offers better performance, data savings, and overhauled applications for affordable smartphones.

One of the first entry-level smartphones to ship with the operating system is the Nokia 1, which is priced at R999 in South Africa.

To see how Android Go performs, we purchased a Nokia 1 and hands-on tested the operating system.

Interface and features

When we first booted up the Nokia 1, we immediately encountered the familiar Android 8.1 interface.

The Home Screen is simple and lightweight, and manages to retain some advanced features from the full-sized OS.

Pressing and holding on Home Screen icons still delivers app-dependent actions in a pop-up menu, and widgets

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