The banking CIO who started to program on an Apple //e

Capitec Bank CIO Wim De Bruyn’s life changed when his uncle bought an Apple //e for his business when was 8 years old.

He was fascinated by the computer and what it could do, and this was the main reason why De Bruin moved into IT.

“There were a couple of games on the computer, but I found the computer programming training software it had, called Logo, much more interesting,” he said.

In Logo, you could program a turtle to move forward and turn left or right, leaving a line on the screen where ever the turtle walked.

“I would spend countless hours on Logo and ultimately became hooked on programming. My uncle convinced my parents to buy me my first computer, which I am very grateful for.”

De Bruyn’s career in IT

De Bruyn studied computer science at the University of Johannesburg, and after his studies worked as a

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