Nokia 1 – 50% battery lasted 4 days

The Nokia brand has a long-standing reputation of being durable and offering great battery life.

This was especially true for feature phones like the original Nokia 3310, which was popular due to its rugged design and reliability.

While the phone brand has strayed into new territories in recent years – including a series of Windows Mobile-based smartphones – its recent partnership with HMD Global has placed it back on track.

Nokia recently launched a revamped version of its 3310, which offers 16MB of RAM and support for Bluetooth and GSM networks.

The device was a throwback to the original feature phone, and attracted nostalgic users, but it was quickly eclipsed by its latest range of smartphones – including the Nokia 1.

At only R200 more than the new 3310, the Nokia 1 offers a full smartphone experience – complete with Android 8.1 Go, 1GB of RAM, an IPS LCD display,

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