Comsol, Verizon, and Samsung to launch joint 5G trials in South Africa

Comsol Networks, Verizon, and Samsung are collaborating to launch 5G fixed-wireless trials in South Africa, Comsol CEO Iain Stevenson has stated.

“5G represents the next evolution of wireless networking, with potential speeds hundreds of times faster than consumer 4G networks, with extremely low latency and high levels of resilience,” said Stevenson.

Trials in the US with Verizon have shown the potential of the 28GHz millimetre spectrum for 5G, he added.

“With our access to the lion’s share of the 28GHz band in South Africa, we’re excited to work together and accelerate the development of the 5G ecosystem.”

In terms of the network infrastructure, Samsung will provide base station technology, the evolved packet core, and customer premises equipment.

Sung Yoon, CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa, said the company is excited to partner with Comsol to demonstrate how important Africa is to the 5G revolution.

Stevenson said the project aims to deliver a wireless service which rivals local

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