Trace Mobile launches mobile data that never expires

Media company Trace has announced the launch of Trace Mobile, which it said is a fully-fledged mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in South Africa.

Trace Mobile will offer prepaid packages with a “distinctive proposition”, including mobile data that never expires, music services, and lifestyle rewards.

“This edgy and hip Trace Mobile network is mainly aimed at the 16-35 year-old South African audience,” said a company spokesperson.

The standout feature is its never-expiring mobile data, and comes soon after ICASA announced new regulations which force South Africa mobile operators to allow users to roll over their unused mobile data.

Its music and entertainment offering includes eight live TV music channels, 30 digital radio channels, movies, series, concerts, and documentaries, said the company.

Trace Mobile said users will also be able to transfer airtime to other Trace Mobile subscribers.

Trace Mobile’s MVNO is running on the Cell C network, added the company.


Trace Mobile

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