CellSAf statement is baseless accusation – Cell C

Cell C has labelled a new media statement by CellSAf as “another in a long list of baseless accusations”.

Cell C chief legal officer Graham Mackinnon said the statement is aimed at discrediting Cell C, and “misquoted Cell C’s submission and oral representations to ICASA in response to the regulator’s plans to promote BBBEE”.

CellSAf stated that during the hearings, “potentially fatal flaws, if not possible regulatory breaches” by Blue Label Telecoms Limited and Net 1 were revealed in their recapitalisation transaction involving Cell C.

CellSAf added that Cell C allegedly stated the Competition Commission’s current view is that there has been an acquisition of control in Cell C by Blue Label Telecoms.

“Cell C’s presentation was exceptionally positive and well-received by the regulator. It is astounding that CellSAf is now ascribing its own distorted meaning to Cell C’s presentation on this matter,” said Mackinnon.

“In terms of CellSAf’s statements regarding control, the Competition

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