Why I use a Mac computer, but an Android phone

When people see my MacBook, they assume that I have an iPhone. With Apple’s ecosystem so tightly integrated, why wouldn’t they?

However, I have used an Android smartphone since the launch of the HTC Desire in 2010 – and a MacBook laptop as my work machine since 2011.

While iPhones and non-Mac laptops are fine devices, I will never go back to Windows or Linux on my work PC, or switch to iPhone.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been tempting, but there are many small things which when added up, keep me coming back to Mac and Android.

Unix-like environment

As a technical writer who likes to get my hands dirty and do some coding, the fact that MacOS is based on Unix is a drawcard.

Yes, you could use a flavour of Linux on cheaper hardware, but then you trade the great Mac graphical interface with the ones

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