Vodacom says it has a WASP-blocking option – Too bad its employees don’t know anything about it

At the start of May, MyBroadband investigated  Vodacom’s WASP-blocking option – which the operator previously stated customers could enable by completing a form.

When visiting a Vodacom store and asking for the required form, however, we were informed there was no option to block WASP subscriptions on Vodacom SIMs.

Speaking to an agent through Vodacom’s customer care line yielded the same result.

A Vodacom spokesperson responded by stating it had stopped the process where customers were required to complete a form to block WASPs.

Instead, it said customers could block WASP services by calling the customer care call centre.

It added that MyBroadband should have been given the option to block WASPs when we called its customer care line, and apologised for error.

“We have reiterated the cancellation process to agents at call centres and Vodacom shops,” said Vodacom.

Vodacom also features a double-opt-in process for WASP services on its

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