Surprise MTN speed test results in Vodacom CEO’s office block

Over the years, many MTN subscribers have complained about poor connectivity on the Vodacom campus – especially when attending events at Vodacom World.

The poor MTN connectivity at Vodacom World has resulted in theories that Vodacom jams MTN signals on its campus and in its buildings.

To test this theory, MyBroadband visited the Vodacom campus and tested the coverage and performance of all the mobile operators.

It quickly became apparent that the MTN signal jamming concerns were unfounded – there was good MTN coverage on the Vodacom campus and in many of the Vodacom buildings.

In fact, the speed tests showed that MTN had a better performance in Vodacom’s Corporate Park – where CEO Shameel Joosub’s office is located – than Vodacom.

It is true, however, that the conference facility in Vodacom World has very poor MTN coverage.

Many of MyBroadband’s MTN speed tests inside the Vodacom World conference venue

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