Cellvault – Preventing cellphone store robberies in South Africa

Over the past two years, you may have seen new signs in cellphone store windows – Cellvault.

Cellvault was developed in response to mall robberies where cellphone stores were increasingly targeted.

In 2015, the year of Cellvault’s patent, there were over 650 robberies targeting retailers, such as cellular and jewellery shops.

Security personnel at the mobile operators told MyBroadband at the time their stores were an attractive target, as smartphones are high-value and portable.

While stolen phones could be blacklisted locally, provided accurate records are kept, that doesn’t prevent thieves from fencing their stolen goods elsewhere in the world.

Timed-release lockers

The idea behind Cellvault is to only expose high-value smartphones when you expect to sell them.

Cellvault is a keyless, locker-like safe where the unlocking of compartments is handled off-site. Individual lockers are opened on a time delay, and are monitored.

The vaults are manufactured in South Africa and

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