Apple reveals iOS 12 – The big upgrades

Apple has unveiled iOS 12 at its WWDC 2018 conference in San Jose, California.

The company stated that 81% of active iOS devices are currently running the latest version of iOS, and it expects this trend to continue.

It stated that iOS 12 will double down on performance, making devices faster and more responsive.

And it’s not just new devices which will benefit, as Apple said iOS 12 will be available on all the same devices as iOS 11 is.

Apple has also focused on making sure older smartphones will receive big performance improvements from the operating system update.

This includes improved processor performance, which now peaks quicker when it is needed, and then ramps down quickly to save battery life.

Augmented reality

A standout improvement coming to iOS 12 is upgrades to its augmented reality functionality.

This includes Apple working with Pixar to create a new file format –

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