Samsung Pay on track to launch in South Africa

Earlier this year, the CEO of Samsung Africa, Sung Yoon, said the company plans to launch Samsung Pay in South Africa in June 2018 .

Samsung Pay is an app on the company’s newer smartphones which lets your store bank card details on the device, then pay by tapping or “swiping” your phone rather than your physical card.

The app lets you make payments via Magnetic Secure Transmission , which mimics the magnetic stripe on the back of your card.

It can also use the Near Field Communications technology in contactless payment cards.

Yoon said owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will then be able to pay for goods and services in South Africa by using their device at point of sale machines.

Not only do users not have to swipe or insert their card, they don’t need to bring it with them at all when they shop, said Soon.

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