Vodacom must stop calling itself “SA’s Best Network” – ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has ruled that Vodacom’s claim it was South Africa’s best network for three years in a row is misleading, and must be retracted.

This comes after MTN lodged a complaint with the ASA against Vodacom’s advertisement in which it claimed to have South Africa’s best network – citing SA Consumer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) data.

MTN argued that Vodacom had previously relied on network speed test data to back its claims, but when data from Ookla and MyBroadband no longer substantiated its advertisements, it switched to SAcsi’s measures.

This created a situation where real-world network quality tests from MyBroadband showed MTN had the best network, while Vodacom claimed to have the best network based on a consumer survey.

In its complaint to the ASA, MTN said Vodacom’s sudden switch to SAcsi data after years of relaying on speed test platforms for its advertisements was

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