SMS payment notifications when the “money has not gone through”

It’s late in the evening, you are paying for petrol at a garage with your bank card, and the pump attendant is holding the card machine above his head hoping to get a signal.

Your phone then receives an SMS stating that the payment has gone through, but the attendant gives you a slip saying “Error” – and says you need to pay again.

While your initial reaction may be to argue with the staff member, it’s a safe bet that the money has not really gone off your account.

Payment notification

MyBroadband spoke to Standard Bank, FNB, Absa, and Capitec about the “incorrect SMS” issue, which said can happen across the payment industry in general.

Standard Bank said the incident is caused by the transaction attempting to process after the PIN has been authenticated, but a network communications failure comes into play.

“The SMS would go off the user’s phone

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