Why Android updates take a while to roll out in South Africa

Unlike Apple’s iOS updates, new versions of Android are rolled out to multiple devices created by various manufacturers.

This means manufacturers need to implement their versions of Android and engineer updates into their platform.

As a result, updates for Android do not roll out to all Android devices at the same time – with the first devices to receive new updates Google’s Pixel smartphones.

To find out how this affects the rollout of Android in South Africa, MyBroadband spoke to Google Director of Android Platform Partnerships for Google in Africa, Mahir Sahin.

Operator-led market

It is important to note that while Google releases platform and security updates to manufacturers, it is up to the manufacturers to implement those and send them to their devices.

Sahin said South Africa is also an operator-led market, which means many smartphones are sold through mobile operators.

The country is, however, one of the first

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