Great ADSL and fixed LTE-A deals in South Africa

Fibre is spreading across South Africa, with an increasing number of people switching to the fast technology.

While it is the connectivity option of choice for many users, there are still large areas where fibre has not been rolled out.

Suburbs without fibre often see residents using DSL connections instead, or fixed LTE packages if coverage is good.

DSL packages have also decreased in price in recent years, and can deliver speeds of up to 40Mbps if you live close enough to an MSAN.

Fixed LTE is also a great solution for high-speed Internet in areas without fibre, but data packages can be slightly more expensive.

If you are looking for a DSL or LTE solution, a range of great packages available in South Africa are listed below.


The price for each package below includes the Openserve DSL line rental component.

It should be noted that ISPs offer different uncapped

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