Mobile operators on Rain’s launch – “No comment”

Mobile operators on Rain’s launch – “No comment”

Rain launched its first mobile products on 6 June 2018, which it said will redefine how South Africans use mobile data.

The operator supplies one data offering with simple pricing: mobile data at 5c per MB (R50 per GB).

At any time, a Rain customer will be also able to set and manage their SIM’s spend-limit, ensuring they never experience bill shock.

Rain’s mobile product is also an elegant way of steering clear of regulatory hurdles related to out-of-bundle prices and expiring data, as laid down by ICASA.

The launch of the new, data-centric mobile operator in South Africa is big news – but Rain’s competitors are not keen to talk about it.

No comment

MyBroadband asked Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom about Rain and whether they will respond to the operator’s mobile offering, but did not receive much feedback.

Here is what the local operators told MyBroadband when

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