Why Dietlof Mare joined Vumatel as its new CEO

A lot has happened in the Vumatel camp in recent weeks, including its acquisition by CIVH.

CIVH has acquired 34.9% of Vumatel for an undisclosed amount, and entered into an agreement to acquire the remaining 65.1% of the business.

In the build-up to the deal, Vumatel announced that Dietlof Mare had joined the company as its new CEO – replacing Niel Schoeman.

Schoeman moved into the role of executive chairman, allowing him to stay involved in the company while spending more time on “pioneering and transformational projects”.

Mare has 14 years of telecommunications experience, and previously held CEO positions for Vodafone in the DRC, Tanzania, and Albania.

“He has a good understanding of emerging markets and is excited to guide Vumatel through its next phase of growth as the company matures,” said Vumatel of Mare’s appointment.

To find out what attracted Mare to the position, and what he has planned for Vumatel, MyBroadband spoke to

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