Red tape is slowing down network growth – MTN and Vodacom

MyBroadband recently published an article regarding a case between Telkom and the City of Cape Town, in which Telkom’s construction of a base station was  declared unlawful .

Telkom had started erecting a cellphone mast on leased land without first complying fully with the relevant re-zoning procedures and giving notice to the city that it had started construction.

The operator argued that it was within its rights under the Electronic Communications Act to do so, and that the city was frustrating its rights by impeding the erection of the tower.

“Adherence to the by-laws will most certainly… make such activities more cumbersome and time consuming, which in turn most likely would, should this become the case, have a negative impact on service provision,” said Telkom.

Telkom had maintained that the erection of cellphone masts was not regulated by the by-laws concerned in this case.

Following the judgement against Telkom, MyBroadband

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