iOS 12 will block police hacking tools – Apple

iOS 12 will block police hacking tools – Apple

Apple has stated that it will block law enforcement hacking tools in iOS 12.

The company told Reuters that while it respects law enforcement agencies and the work they do, it must protect it customers against hackers.

Apple will do this by making USB Restricted Mode functionality permanent in its next major iOS release. This is intended to block hacking tools made by  GrayShift and Cellebrite .

The company added that it had started working on USB Restricted Mode before it found out about the hacking tools being used by law enforcement.

It works by blocking USB data connections to an iOS device which has been locked for an hour or more – but allows the device to retain its wired charing capabilities.

This means that if a user locks their iPhone and it is taken from them, the window for it to be “hacked” will likely be closed by the

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