We made fake fingerprints to try fool the Samsung Galaxy S9 – This is what happened

Biometric security is increasingly common in smartphones, with devices like the iPhone X depending on facial recognition as its primary security authentication method.

A more common variant of biometric authentication is the fingerprint scanner, which has become ubiquitous in mid and high-end smartphones.

The technology has improved greatly since it was introduced, and users can now unlock their smartphones by placing their fingertip on a sensor at the front or back of a device.

Biometric authentication can be tricked, however, with enterprising hackers always finding a way to fool sensors  – even using impractical means.

After reading online about various attempts to fool fingerprint sensors, we attempted to replicate these methods and see if we could fool the fingerprint sensor on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

The goal: make prosthetic fingerprints using household materials which would fool the Galaxy S9’s sensor.

Steel Putty

The first method we attempted to replicate was

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