Vodacom keeps track of all the websites you visit – Updated privacy policy

Vodacom has told customers it has updated its privacy policy, which can be viewed on the company’s website .

“We are clearer and more precise on how we collect, handle and protect your personal data and have also explained the choices you have to control your information,” said Vodacom in an SMS to subscribers.

According to Vodacom’s website, the privacy policy was updated on 19 June 2018.

Customers’ personal information

Several sections of Vodacom’s privacy policy contains reference to customer’s personal information, and how it is used by the company.

The full policy is over 3,000 words long, and states that customer data is collected and used in multiple ways.

A summary of references to customers’ personal information in the policy is detailed in the bullet points below.

Information collection

Vodacom can get your personal information when you:

  • Buy a product or service from it.
  • Register for a specific product

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Additional information