Please Call Me “inventor” accepts Vodacom gag order

Please Call Me “inventor” accepts Vodacom gag order

Please Call Me “inventor” Nkosana Makate and Vodacom have reached an agreement prohibiting the disclosure of any information regarding their settlement negotiations, News24 reported.

Vodacom recently applied for an interdict prohibiting Makate from disclosing information related to the case in the North Gauteng High Court, but both parties reached an agreement over the gag order before the matter was argued.

Under the order, Makate is not allowed to disclose confidential issues or the content of negotiations to any external parties.

Makate reportedly said he was fine with the order, but that approaching the court with the application was unnecessary.

Makate won a Constitutional Court battle against Vodacom in 2016, after which Vodacom was ordered to compensate Makate for the use of the Please Call Me service.

The two parties have been locked in negotiations since.

Makate previously stated that Vodacom must pay him 15c of every rand  of revenue that the Please

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