Vodacom vs MTN – Netflix data usage

Netflix optimises its Android and iOS apps for mobile viewing in an effort to save mobile data consumption.

It accomplishes this by dynamically altering its content’s bit rate, depending on the motion in each segment of a video.

In  previous tests , we found that Netflix consumes around 5.3GB of data over 26 hours of mobile streaming, or around 3.42MB per minute.

This test was conducted using a mobile data connection on a prepaid SIM – but only a single mobile operator was tested.

To determine whether there is a difference in Netflix data consumption when using different mobile networks, we tested Netflix’s mobile data usage on Vodacom and MTN SIMs.

Mobile data test

For the test, a Vodacom and MTN SIM were each placed in two Nokia 5 smartphones and all background applications were disabled.

Both devices were set up in the same configuration, with a screen resolution of

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