iOS is generally more secure than Android

Google has stated that its mobile operating system, Android, is just as secure as iOS .

While this may be true for the operating system itself, when you compare the two smartphone ecosystems as a whole, the data suggests that iOS is generally more secure.

There are several factors that must be considered before comparing the security of Android and iOS, however.

Firstly, Android has the benefit – and curse – of being an open, heterogeneous platform. Various manufacturers make hundreds of devices between them which all run on Android.

These devices span multiple price points, with expensive smartphones getting all the bells and whistles. Cheaper devices have to sacrifice on the hardware specifications to bring prices down.

“iOS hardware – iPhones, iPads and iPods – has some good security measures, but Android devices are a mixed bag,” SensePost chief technology officer Dominic White told MyBroadband.

“Some have some good

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