MTN investigating why customer was charged for toll-free calls

An MTN customer recently contacted MyBroadband regarding unusual activity on his contract SIM.

The customer said he owns two contract SIMs and two prepaid SIMs, which are registered on the MTN network.

The subscriber said when he calls his medical aid’s toll-free number using his primary MTN contract SIM, he is billed for the call.

However, when calling from any of the other three SIMs, a voice message is played before the call is connected, stating that the call will be free.

When using a SIM from another mobile operator, the customer is also not billed for the call.

The MTN customer said the mobile operator had been charging him for calls to his toll-free medical aid number for the past 18 months.

Upon contacting MTN’s call centre, agents reportedly said that only calls to network lines – such as the call centre – were free of charge.

Toll-free regulations

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