Cell C hikes contract and top-up prices

Cell C has introduced price hikes to its products, which kicked in on 1 July 2018.

The changes affect several contract tariff plans, including Pinnacle, Connector, StraightUp, Epic, SmartChat, ChatMore, and others.

Top-up plans affected by the price changes include Pinnacle, StraightUp, Epic, and SmartChat.

The new data-centric Pinnacle postpaid and top-up plans the company launched on 1 June are not affected by the price adjustments.

Price changes

Cell C said that in terms of its subscriber agreements, as well as the Consumer Protection Act, the company has the option of varying its charges from time to time.

These charges include connection fees, subscription fees, usage charges, SIM card fees, goods fees, and any charges relating to the provision of Cell C’s services.

It is not the first time Cell C, or other network providers, have increased the prices of their products without advanced warning.

Cell C introduced its first

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