MTN Made for Me subscribers charged for toll-free calls

In June 2018, an MTN customer contacted MyBroadband stating that he was charged for toll-free calls on his contract SIM.

The customer owned two contract SIMs and two prepaid SIMs, of which only one contract SIM was incorrectly billed for calls to a toll-free number.

The MTN customer said the mobile operator had been charging him for calls to his toll-free medical aid number for the past 18 months.

ICASA regulations assert that calls to toll-free numbers must be free of charge for the caller, irrespective of the network used in the communication.

This rule applies to all toll-free numbers in the 080 number range.

MTN responded to the issue and said it was investigating the problem, as all calls to toll-free numbers should be free of charge – regardless of origination fees with other operators.

“These calls have been free of charge to our customers since 24 September 2016,

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