Big increase in Vodacom data flowing over Rain’s network

New network testing data shows that there is a rapid increase in the amount of data served to Vodacom subscribers over the Rain network.

Vodacom has an agreement with Rain which allows its subscribers to roam on the new network, giving them better coverage and less congestion.

This agreement requires Vodacom and Rain’s networks to be managed independently by Vodacom and Rain respectively.

This means that for a Vodacom customer, the selection of the respective networks is automatically done by their smartphone.

To select the best network, factors such as the capabilities of the handset and the signal strength of the respective networks are considered.

The latest research shows that over 50% of traffic to Vodacom subscribers is provided by the Rain network in certain areas.

It was further revealed that Rain’s share of traffic served to Vodacom clients increased by 200% in selected regions in recent months.

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