South Africa’s electricity system is falling apart – and it is much bigger than just Eskom

Load shedding has returned to South Africa in recent weeks after striking Eskom workers sabotaged the national grid.

However, this is not the biggest problem facing the country’s electricity system.

MyBroadband has received new research on power outages in South Africa over the past two years, which shows a drastic increase in the number of power failures.

The research was conducted by two established IT companies, and was provided to MyBroadband on the condition of anonymity.

They tracked the number of power outage hours at thousands of locations across the country, which showed an increase of over 100% in power failures in 2018.

The research further predicts a 100% increase in power outages across South Africa for the summer of 2018.

This large increase is not related to load shedding, but it did increase the “power outage hours” in June 2018.

The graph below illustrates the findings.


Eskom disputes the

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