Microsoft Surface Go vs Apple iPad

Microsoft recently unveiled its new Surface Go , aimed at the tablet-PC market.

The portable and efficient device is set to compete directly with Apple’s iPad lineup, specifically its new 9.7-inch iPad.

Both products have similar form factors and appeal to the same market (and price points), and each has their own unique features and software setup.

The Surface Go uses a fan-less processor and is twice as powerful as the previous-generation Surface 3, running Windows 10 in S mode.

This operating system configuration locks the system to Microsoft Store apps, but still retains the features of Windows 10.

Apple’s new iPad runs iOS 11.4 and boasts the company’s powerful A10 Fusion chipset – allowing it to deliver smooth performance.

To determine which of the two tablets will suit you, we compared the specifications and features of the Microsoft Surface Go and the new Apple iPad, below.

Hardware and specifications

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