Nokia 8110 4G – The “Matrix Phone” Reloaded

When HMD Global unveiled the refreshed Nokia 8110, we went “Ah, remember that slide phone. Those were cool”.

Several months later, I saw an  article on MyBroadband advertising the Nokia 8110 for sale in South Africa.

This is not a cheap marketing ploy – I really saw the article while at work, asked our head of finances for the company credit card, and ordered it.

Technically she ordered it and told me to get out of her office and to stop asking for the company credit card, but I got the phone nonetheless.

Why did we order it? I have no idea.

We were supposed to do an in-depth review and be the first South African publication with a “hands-on”, I think, but when the phone arrived we just slid the keypad cover up and down for several hours.

Also, it is essentially a juiced-up feature phone with 4G connectivity and

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