Belarus “shame scam” hits South Africa

A class of extortion scam which is known as the “Belarus Phishing Expedition” has reared its head in South Africa.

It attempts to trick people into paying money to prevent embarrassing information about them appearing online.

The scam requires a con-artist to trick you into believing that they have compromising information about you, and that they will send it to your friends and family unless you pay them.

The scammer also includes your name and a password for one of your online accounts in the subject line of the extortion email.

One example is that a con-artist will tell you they used malware which remotely enabled your computer’s webcam, and that they recorded you masturbating to pornography.

They also claim to have access to all your contacts, and will send the video to everyone you know.

South Africans become targets

An expert in online scams in South Africa, who requested

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