Vodacom worried over Icasa regulations

JOHANNESBURG - Vodacom Group is working out the financial impact of the end user and subscriber service charter regulations, chief executive Shameel Joosub said yesterday.

In a move that shields consumers from high cost of data and high out-of-bundles data rates, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa last month published the regulations. In terms of the regulations, data network operators would be required to give subscribers the option to roll over unused data to the next month.

The regulations will have financial implications for data network operators which have seen significant increases in data revenue.

Speaking after the release of the company's annual results, Joosub said it was still too early to determine the extent of the regulations' impact on the company's financial performance. But he said the regulations would “definitely” have an impact. “It is still early days,” he said. The regulations were fair and balanced. The data usage rules would be beneficial to consumers, he said.

Vodacom last year made representations in respect of the regulations. In its submission, Vodacom said that, while it was technically capable of sending notifications to customers, the content of the notification as well as the “percentage depletion” notification should not be

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