Samsung Gear 360 review: double vision


The digital camera industry has been at a relative standstill when compared to most sub-domains within the tech industry. Both dedicated cameras, as well as those embedded in mobile devices, have been steadily upgraded with more megapixels, better sensors, improved flash and subtle software and hardware tweaks. None of this is real breakthrough stuff, though.

With 360-degree capturing technology, the camera market looks set for a shake-up. Next-generation cameras, sensors and lenses aimed at the typical consumer market – including Samsung's Gear 360 - differentiate themselves from traditional recording devices by capturing the complete environment, instead of placing the focus on a single object or person.

Where products like the somewhat older Ricoh Theta S and the relatively low-priced LG 360 Cam have already been on South African shelves for a while, Samsung is the first major brand to offer a relatively cheap, new high resolution (4K video) 360-degree camera.

Eye of the beholder

So, what's the added value of having a camera that captures everything? The answer to that key question is quite straightforward: you won't miss out on anything. It's literally grabbing all it can, so you can focus on specific details later on. In order to do

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