Google Nexus 5X review: pure Android


In my review of the Nexus 6 back in January 2015, I was ultimately forced to conclude that Google and Motorola, which made the phone, were not on the right track. The device was too expensive, fell short on performance, offered mediocre battery life, was unsuitable for the great outdoors and its storage capacity was not expandable.

In hindsight, this one-size-fits-all strategy, which effectively forced potential buyers into a 6-inch screen, wasn't a smart move. To prevent history from repeating itself, Google has switched to a divide-and-conquer strategy by simultaneously launching two new Nexus smartphones. The 5,2-inch Google/LG Nexus 5X starts at R7 500 ( Orange ), while the larger, 5,7-inch Google/Huawei Nexus 6P begins at R9 500 ( Orange ). This review only covers the Nexus 5X (16GB model), which we think will be the more popular of the two.

Google Nexus 5X review: pure Android

A whole lot of Google … the Nexus 5X, left, alongside the Nexus 6P

Look and feel: inconspicuous
At first glance, the 5X seems similar to the original Nexus 5 model, which served as the launch device for Android 4.4 KitKat in 2013. That's no coincidence, since LG also manufactured the original. Despite some noticeable similarities, there are also enough differences

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