Sony Xperia Z5 review: a touch of class

Too bling? You be the judge

Too bling in gold? You be the judge

There has always been something a little special about Sony's Xperia Z line-up. The smartphones have always exuded style, both in terms of hardware design and the work Sony has done to create an excellent and user-friendly user interface on top of Android.

With the latest incarnation in the series, the Xperia Z5, the Japanese consumer electronics giant has taken a great product and added a number of refinements that make it one of the very best smartphones available in late 2015.

In the Z5, Sony has fixed the biggest gripe we had with its predecessor, the Z3 - the need to remove a finicky flap every time you want to charge it while still retaining the device's waterproofing.

But there's much more that Sony has done to make the Z5 the smartphone to beat in the coming holiday season, not least its class-leading 23-megapixel primary camera.

To be honest, our love affair with the Z5 began the moment we took it out of its box. The rear of our review unit was encased in the most gorgeous colour we've seen on a smartphone - a deep green frosted glass. It also

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