Interview: Suveer Ramdhani on the past, present and future of Seacom

Interview: Suveer Ramdhani on the past, present and future of Seacom

Suveer Ramdhani

In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Seacom chief development officer Suveer Ramdhani about the past, present and future of the telecommunications provider.

Ramdhani talks about the genesis of the Seacom project - to build a subsea cable system along Africa's east coast connecting the continent to Europe and India - and how the business has changed since then.

In the podcast, he talks about how submarine cable systems work, why Seacom's business model shook up the telecoms industry in South Africa and the broader continent, and why it expanded into providing more than just subsea capacity.

He explains the decision to launch Seacom Business, the company's acquisition strategy - it will be announcing two new deals in the coming weeks - and where he thinks the industry and Seacom itself are going.

It's a fascinating discussion. Be sure not to miss it!

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